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Save a life:
Donate your unused cancer medications

MediCircle makes it easy to connect your unused medications to patients in need.

Donate For Free, From Home, in Five Minutes

1. Answer a few simple questions

We’ll ask you a few basic questions about your medications as we prepare your Donation Kit. 

2. Receive your Donation Kit at home

Your Donation Kit will be sent to your home. Follow our easy instructions to pack your unused meds.

3. Ship your package for free

Drop the prepaid package off at your nearest FedEx dropbox or call us to schedule a courtesy pickup.

"You guys made it so easy. The day after I called, the box was at my door. And I loved the customer service."
-Donor of Imbruvica

Why You Should Donate

Ensure a patient gets life-saving medication

Every year, over 400,000 American cancer patients will not take the full course of their cancer prescription because of cost.

Don’t let your medications go to waste

Unused cancer medications get thrown away. Donating your medication ensures that these valuable resources get into the hands of patient, and stay out of waterways and landfills.

MediCircle’s donation platform allows you to send your unused medications for free, from the comfort of your home, quickly, and easily.

A Convenient Process

“I hated that this medication had to go in the trash, and it was so exorbitantly expensive… I wish we could have donated more, and when we have more, I will certainly reach out again. You guys were incredible. Just knowing that this medication would go to somebody who needed it and it didn’t just go in the trash was incredible”
- Donor of Verzenio
Still have questions?
Check out our FAQ or Contact us
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