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Connecting unused medicine to patients in need 

MediCircle collects, certifies, and redistributes unused medications, providing affordable care to American cancer patients.


The Fragmented System

Soaring costs,
impossible decisions

Cancer is unaffordable. 63% of cancer patients report cost as a barrier to their treatment. In 2021, 874,000 patients reduced spending on essentials such as food or clothing to afford their cancer medications. At MediCircle, we believe bills should be the last thing on a cancer patient’s mind.

Wasted medicine,
wasted money

The United States wastes $5.94 billion worth of viable cancer medication every year. When a treatment plan is adjusted due to adverse reactions or disease progression, unfinished prescriptions are discarded. 41% of cancer patients will have to incinerate their remaining medications.

Our Safe and Simple Solution



Patients, caregivers, and providers send us unused medications in blister packaging through our online donation portal. The process is quick, simple, and free for all donors.



When a donation arrives at MediCircle’s facilities, our proprietary process certifies the medication’s quality. A MediCircle pharmacist inspects every pill, verifying the drug’s identity.



Through MediCircle’s pharmacy, cancer patients save up to $20,000 on their prescriptions. Medications are conveniently shipped to the patient's home for a $20 dispensing fee.

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Everybody Wins

Cost of cancer decreases
with affordable medication

42% of American cancer patients will deplete their entire life savings after two years due to the high cost of care. Access to MediCircle’s medications costs patients just $20, providing an average savings of 99.8%.

Patients' health improves
with increased medication adherence

40% of cancer patients do not take their medication as prescribed due to the cost, which worsens health outcomes and leads to preventable deaths. With MediCircle, non-adherence due to cost is reduced, resulting in healthier patients.

Protects the environment
from biomedical

The pharmaceutical industry produces 55% more carbon emissions than the automobile industry. At the same time, improperly disposed of medications create toxic waterways and hazardous environmental conditions. Redistribution of medications creates a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

The pharmaceutical industry and medication destruction produce 55% more carbon emissions than automobile production.  Redistributing medications is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and affordable solution.

Americans pay less
in taxes and premiums
for healthcare

By driving down overall healthcare expenses, MediCircle ensures that Americans pay less: both in insurance premiums and in taxes that pay for government healthcare programs.

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